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Preschool | First Friends Daycare - Queens, NY

If you’re looking for something more from a childcare service, you may be searching for a daycare that also hosts a preschool. At First Friends Daycare, we offer preschool for children starting at age three. A preschool experience offers more structure for a child than conventional daycare. There is a prescribed curriculum, and more activities are focused on accumulation of knowledge, which is valuable for a child transition into a kindergarten setting. Children will learn important skills about working with their peers. Sharing is emphasized as well as helping others. An importance is placed on correlating learning activities with real world knowledge and developing interpersonal skills. A child who attends preschool is at an advantage moving into kindergarten, as they will have built a foundation of behavioral patterns to rely on when interacting in a group. They will know how to listen to others, and the adults in charge. We believe in constructive learning, allowing children to learn in a group with structured activities, or fostering independence with a free playtime.

At First Friends Daycare, we provide the finest preschool experience in Ozone Park, offering children the opportunity to build their skills to succeed.

Preschool Program Schedule:
8:00 Arrival/ Free and Group Play
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Bathroom Break
9:30 Circle Time (Welcome, Intros, About Me & the Environment)
10:00 Movement (Exercise, Dance, Yoga, Outdoor Walks or Play)
10:30 Bathroom Break as needed
10:30 Classwork Time Math & Music Monday
Travel & Technology Tuesday
Weird world Wednesday
Tasty & Talent Thursday
Fun Friday
11:15 Individual Skills and Creative Time
11:45 Lunch
12:15 Bathroom Break
12:15 Naptime
2:30 Wake Up Time (clean-up, Bathroom Break)
2:45 Puzzle and shape Time
3:00 Class work Review
3.30 Meal Time
4.00 Focus Time (Story Time, Library Time, Movie Time)
5.00pm End of Class Day/ Dismissal/ Pick-up Time

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